Finding the perfect look?

Well, I guess we all go through the same cycles as women and men. We secretly want to be something we are not or want a change but- can we muster the energy and time needed to really sit down and look for what we want?

 A common problem I find among married women, is forgetting they are still gorgeous and it is very ok to remind thier husband about that fact all the time. I stress that, by not doing this, he may forget- never let your guard down unless you have to or want to. But whether you let your guard down as a husband or wife- yes, I said HUSBAND! Too many husbands just stop trying to impress thier wives- and perhaps that is why the women stop trying too- either way- don’t stop trying. It is not a sin to be a bit vain! Vanity is the only way we keep our appearances up! Look at Jesus- now I am Muslim and I have seen many- many images of him looking perfect- I wonder who tweezes his brows in heaven?

We can’t all be Angelina’s so instead we formulate our own look. It is a wonderful process of taking every memory of every person or face we have ever seen and making our own special look. I take from, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Angelina Jolie. I feel like by combining these looks and my attitude I keep my feet on the ground. Lets try this together- ok so this is a new blog- Gimme feedback tell me whats on your mind!

Lets see what happens my habibis!


It takes time-
It takes time-

So I think I should begin the process of aiding in finding the perfect look, with my suggestions for style categoris and as such I will have sub-categories posted just look for them in the side menu!


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  1. Aisha said,

    November 19, 2008 at 3:40 am

    I am not kidding lol- this is a great set of pictures! I am kind of looking for amore edgy look similar to the Jennifer Love Hewitt one- I was just wondering what kind of advice you have on that notion- also- how can I begin to similate her look and make itmy own unique look?

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